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:: BIIBAR: Interactive Informative Unit Based on Augmented Reality
In the present contribution we shall introduce the IIUBAR system, which represents an Interactive Informative Unit Based on Augmented Reality technology (AR), provided by the Augmented Reality Toolkit (ARToolkit) API.

ARToolkit is a software library meant for creating augmented reality, based on the 2D and 3D graphics API named OpenGL. Usage of ARToolkit is in continuous growth at international scale for the possibilities that it offers and the open-source licence under which it is distributed.
The prime strength of ARToolkit is to make the direct interaction between the user and the virtual environment more intuitive. This way, occasional users who do not possess technical skills may find the system accessible.

One of the features of the platform is integrating more than one camera (webcam in particular) within an AR system. The technical complexity of this feature is proved by the lack of present solutions that harvest its advantages, at least from our knowledge.

The originality of the IIUBAR solution is in fact the technical solution adopted. In what follows we shall offer a general presentation of the system as well as the reasoning that led us to the current implementation.
General presentation
IIUBAR exemplifies an easy-to-use informative system. It is characterized by a natural, real-time interaction with the user. The system is formed of a rotating stand, on which a computer (laptop) is placed that processes the information received from two webcams to create a mixed environment by superimposing a 3D virtual model over the real images (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 IIUBAR in practice: a) overview, b) detailed view

The system uses a virtual model developed in VRML (virtual reality modeling language). This gives it flexibility and renewability.
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